Codename for this project is: "Man VS Machine" (or MVM for short)

- Multiplayer with drivable, controllable, brush-based modeled vehicles.
- Cars, Trucks, Buggies, Tanks, Helicopters, Planes, Boats, & RCs.
- Prefab library for Hammer. Tracks, vehicles, and skins.

Game Types:
- Assault. 1 team holds their ground, the other attacks with a combination of RCs & full scale vehicles. Blowing things up, crashing through buildings, etc. Then teams switch positions.
- Race. Standard racing but with half of each team on the sidelines shooting at the racers to help out their team. Dodge bullets, explosions, and traps to the finish line.
- War. 2 teams, both with a limited and time-released quantity of RCs and vehicles for all-out destruction & chaos.

Top Influnces:
"Stunt Race FX" (Super Nintendo), "Top Gear Rally" (Nintendo 64), "ReVolt: RC Racing" (PC), "Battlefield 2" (PC).