08:27a 08/14/2012:
check out the new TF2 update.. Man Vs Machine

03:19p 05/25/2012:
Project converted to CPGN

10:58a 09/06/2011:
I've been given an opportunity to make a lot of extra money for the next 4 months, so I'm putting this project on hold until then!

08:38a 08/19/2011
I think I've been spending a little too much time on the RF model. It looks amazing so far, but I think I'm going to start releasing the engine with multiplayer vehicles and maps for people to mess around with and start building things with the prefabs I've created for it. Track pieces for racing, destructible buildings, ramps, weapons, etc.

09:34a 08/17/2011:
A rough draft version of the RF is taking shape. I've had a working compiled engine working but with a few bugs, so I'm still working on it.

10:48a 08/10/2011:
Yesterday I received the official "Rally Fighter" CAD Drawings. But, the size of this file is over 200MB, so I will not be able to use those in a game that on average uses models in the size of 1MB. No game could properly run this gigantic detailed model. So, I'm building 1 from scratch using reference photos to ensure I have a properly optimized in-game model. I created a PSD template to use, which I will post for download after the model is complete, but for now, check out the un-editable preview in the "Downloads" section (above).

01:39p 08/08/2011:
Track piece prefabs are finished. I may release them before the game for people who want to start designing tracks and maybe submitting them (with credits given) for official tracks. Also, I've been asked a few stupid questions. This game is in ROUGH DRAFT form! Which means YES it will look a little ugly and unpolished at 1st, because IT IS. For those of you who know what a "Rally Fighter" is, I may have a deal worked out to include this official car in the game.

09:01a 08/04/2011:
Updated a few of the site's pages.

08:34a 08/03/2011:
Welcome to the 1st version of the site! Simple. Fast.